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2/17/2022 Oakland Protest against taking over of ports

The City Council of Oakland is pushing ahead to give GAP-A’s billionaire owner John Fisher hundreds of millions of dollars of city and state funds for his private stadium, hotels, and 3,000 1 million-dollar condos that will wreck the Port of Oakland and drive out working-class Black and Brown community members.

They also claim they are against the privatization of the schools in Oakland, but they ignore the fact that Fish- er and his family control KIPP and Rocketship charter schools and even the president of A’s Dave Kaval is on the board of Rocketship. Why are they helping him and his agenda?

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Clover & The Class War In South Africa With GIWUSA President Mametlwe Sebei

The company is shutting down Clover production plants throughout the country and is planning
to import Israeli product to South Africa destroying the rural communities dependent on the
plants and making South Africa reliant on Israel for dairy products.
The unions are calling for nationalization of the company and for workers control to not only
protect jobs but the critical food production in South Africa from being destroyed by the Wertheim family.
Sebei and the unions are also calling for an International day of solidarity on January 25, 2022

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1/19/22 – Oakland Protest Against Billionaire A’s John Fisher’s Stadium

This project will also destroy 80,000 maritime jobs of ILWU and other maritime unions at the port which is critical to the Bay Area. Where will the thousands of trucks park but in the West Oakland neighborhoods. The mayor and the Port Commission and it’s chair Andreas Cluver who is also head of the Alameda Building Trades really don’ t care since they are taking orders
from Fisher.

It is time to stop this scam and con game by billionaire Fisher and his rubber stamps!

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South Africa Clover Workers Strike Israeli Billionaires With John Appolis GIWUSA General Secretary

More than 4,000 GIWUSA and FAWU workers at the Clover dairy industry company in South Africa have been on strike since November 22, 2021. The company is the largest distributor or milk products and is now owned by the Israeli billionaire Wertheim family that controls the Central Bottling Company CBC in Israel and Milco which bought the company in South Africa in 2019.

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