UFCLP May Day Statement 2024

There is a rise of fascism in the US and internationally. Whether Trump or Biden is elected and whether there are even elections, a fascist movement is growing and is being supported by billionaires like Musk, Larry Ellison, and Peter Theil. These capitalists want a state where the billionaires rule without even the appearance of capitalist “democracy”. The trade union bureaucracy has refused to even warn workers and union members about this danger and how to fight it. Instead they are spending hundreds of millions of union funds on Biden and the Democrats who are hated by more and more workers.

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A Report on the Class Struggle in Korea

The labor speakers from Korea will report on the most recent strike and the character of it as well as the grow- ing class divide and class struggles in Korea. They will also report on the Korean struggle in solidarity of the Palestinian workers and people, and the fight against militarization in Korea and Asia along with the need for unification with US workers opposing the US drive toward war in Asia and the world.

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The decline of the American superpower in the face of the emergence of new medium and great powers, the transition from a US-dominated world (dis)order to a ‘multipolar world’ cannot bring about equilibrium and peace, but – as we are already seeing – growing imbalances, tensions and new wars. Wars which, in their essence, are wars for the sharing out of the fruits of the exploitation of the vast majority of society by a small minority.

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