Rallies to support the south african workers

against israeli takeover were held in the USA

on : Thursday Jan 27, 2022  12:00 Noon


San Francisco Israeli Consulate
456 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94104


Los Angeles Israeli Consulate
6380 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles


New York Israeli Consulate
800 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Victory To The South African Clover Strike!  General Strike To Drive The Zionist Wertheim Billionaires Out & The ANC With Them

Workers Control Of Clover & the Wealth Of South Africa!

UFCLP Statement

The strike of 5,000 South African Clover workers against the Israeli billionaire Wertheim family’s effort to destroy the GIWUSA and FAWU unions and lay off thousands of workers is a critical struggle for the entire working class of South Africa and for the world working class. They are shutting down this company to turn it into a distributor of Israeli products.
The ANC Ramaphosa government represents a comprador capitalist class that is now allowing the Zionists and other global billionaires to destroy and loot the economy with the destruction of the country’s industry.
The privatization and collapse of the economy under the ANC government is a policy of thieves who are busy at work selling all public services and resources to billionaires around the world, along with ANC crooks. The COSATU union leadership, which supports the ANC, also has some leaders who have taken personal control of their union pension funds and are looting them as well.
The call by the striking unions and SAFTU for the nationalization of Clover and for it to be run under democratic workers’ control is a policy that needs to be fought for as well at Eskom, Transnet, SAA, and many other companies and industries.

The need for a mass workers’ party that has a program for the working class to solve this crisis by taking power is more critical than ever. The entire working class must unite to bust the union-busters at Clover and link up this struggle with all the other anti-capitalist struggles going on at workplaces and communities around the world.


This battle in South Africa is not unique –  similar struggles are taking place globally and the need for united international working-class action is critical. We support global united front actions at Israeli consulates, South African Consulates, Coca-Cola operations and the Wertheim-owned bank Mizrahi. 
This struggle is not just about the South African workers who are being exploited by the Wertheim family – it is a struggle against the apartheid regime in Israel.  The SA workers are calling for the defense of the Palestinians, making this a truly international struggle against capitalism and against racism. This call has not happened in living memory and it shows the strength of the working class if nationalism is superseded by internationalism. We are all needed to overthrow the burden of capitalist exploitation.


The solidarity action of ILWU longshore workers to abide by picket lines and not work Israeli ZIM cargo on the US west coast must be replicated at the Port of Durban and other ports that Israeli ships and planes operate. All cargo and trade from Israel need to be shut down, and the workers of South Africa have the power to take this action.


The US working class and oppressed are also beginning to fight back, but the AFL-CIO and pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist trade union bureaucracy is an albatross on top of the working class. Their “solution” to this crisis is to give more millions to the corrupt Democrats to “save” working people. Like the working class of South Africa, workers in the US need a mass democratic labor party that will have a program for workers’ control of the economy and for defense against the rising fascist movement.


The road to a mass workers’ party is through the formation and action of united working-class fronts for workers’ strikes and struggles, for housing occupations, and against fascism.

Workers United For Victory In The Clover Strike, An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!


United Front Committee for a Labor Party

Initiated by

United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCLP (https://www.facebook.com/masslaborpartyusa) Endorsed by Higher Education Action Team HEAT (https://www.ccsfheat.org)

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