CBC Milco bought clover and is now closing the plant to import dairy from israel


The owners of Clover, David and Dorit Wertheim also have the franchise for Coca-Cola and many other bottling brands for distribution in Israel.


Clover & The Class War In South Africa With GIWUSA President Mametlwe Sebei

5,000 South African workers are on strike against the Israeli owned Clover Dairy company and 

are facing a massive union busting attack including mass layoffs and wage cuts according to 
the General Industrial Workers Union Of South Africa GIWUSA president Marnetlwe Sebei. He discusses the role of the 
company as the largest dairy company in South Africa and the take-over by the billionaire 
Israel Wertheim family. The family owns Milco, the Isreal Central Bottling Company CBC 
which has the franchise in Israel for Coca-Cola and the Mizrahi bank which is the third largest 
bank in Israel. According to Sebei, despite protests from SAFTU, COSATU, GIWUSA and the Food and Allied 
Workers Union along with the South African Palestinian solidarity movement the ANC 
Ramaphosa government approved the sale to this Israeli company. The company funds racist 
rightwing parties and the Israeli Defense Forces IDF reported Sebei and also has funded 
settlements in occupied Palestinian lands as well as providing Coca-Cola to these illegal 
settlements. The company is shutting down Clover production plants throughout the country and is planning 
to import Israeli product to South Africa destroying the rural communities dependent on the 
plants and making South Africa reliant on Israel for dairy products. The unions are calling for nationalization of the company and for workers control to not only 
protect jobs but the critical food production in South Africa from being destroyed by the Wertheim family. Sebei and the unions are also calling for an International day of solidarity on January 25, 2022