Time To Bust The Union Busters. United We Stand, Divided We Fall

UFCLP Statement On Amazon Workers and Amazon Work Condition
Amazon delivery workers

Time To Bust The Union Busters.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

UFCLP Statement On Amazon

The battle to organize the more than  900,000 Amazon and Whole Foods workers is a key task for the entire US working class. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world has behind him the courts, the police, and control of both political parties.

He has systematically violated labor laws with wage theft, union-busting, and flagrant violation of health and safety regulations to protect workers. While formally workers have break times, they, in fact, have no time to even go to the bathroom.  Amazon warehouses are like modern-day plantations.

While Amazon workers and warehouses were becoming covid vectors, Bezos refused to provide PPE and proper masks, testing, and spacing. He not only killed workers but contaminated their families. He also murdered Amazon workers in Illinois when his company said they could not leave in the midst of a hurricane heading for the warehouse.

The work is so brutal, and the turnover at the warehouses is so high that they are designed by Bezos in this way to prevent successful organizing drives.

We need only to look at the 1930s  when millions of US workers rose up and organized GM, Ford, and the other major corporations. This was not done through appeals to the bosses but by the direct action of tens of thousands of workers, unemployed, and oppressed, who surrounded these plants and faced off with the National Guard.

Our fight today is also an international struggle against Bezos’s Amazon. Workers from Germany, France, Italy, and South Africa are fighting this global union buster.

The strikes around the world of Amazon workers show that this is a global struggle against the billionaire class who own and control this system.

In order to take this struggle forward in the United States, we need a mass democratic labor party that will represent working people and the oppressed.

We also are fighting business unionism which prevents workers at other organized sites from taking action with Amazon and Wholefoods workers. This is a class struggle and ideology

Business unionism, which dominates the AFL-CIO and most unions, is an obstacle to the unification of the working class.

We need to build not only a labor party but a democratic worker-controlled trade union movement that will tie together the fight at the warehouse, plants, and jobs to a party that represents workers here and unites with workers around the world.

The policies pushed by the Democrats and Republicans have pushed privatization, deregulation and attacked workers in this country and around the world.

WE can win. Working people have the power collectively to unionize all workplaces and defend our jobs, fighting against the further erosion of our workplace’s health and safety. We must demand free healthcare because we are now watching our healthcare being privatized. In the 1930s and even in 1946 workers also had general strikes which helped to unionize their workplaces. These mass worker’s strikes are a key tool for workers fighting Bezos and the billionaires and we must educate and organize to build a movement today for our union

Rights and against rightwing fascists who want to crush all our democratic rights and union rights as well. The fascist attacks will be supported as well by Bezos and Musks who want a union-free slave factory.

The time to act and win our struggle is NOW!

United Front Committee For A Labor Party