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On 2022 May Day: Fight For Labor Party & Against War Abroad & War At Home Pushed by Republicrats

On 2022 May Day in San Francisco, a rally was held for a mass democratic labor party and for workers’ action against the wars abroad and the war on US workers. Workers talked about the attacks on San Francisco SEIU 1021 city workers, home care workers, and also the struggle of workers from Turkey, Puerto Rico and Iran were raised.

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The Fight Against Fascism and Lessons For Today

The United Front Committee For A Labor Party held a panel 
on January, 30, 2022 tilted United Front, The Fight Against 
Fascism and Lessons For Today. Speakers included: Carol Lang, Professor CUNY, member of AFT-PSC Peter Racioppo UAW 2865 member UCLA Steve Zeltzer WorkWeek & CWA 3921 member For more information:

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United Fronts, The Working Class & The War In Ukraine- What Is Needed To Defend Working People Globally

The working class faces attacks on all fronts from union-busting, privatization, the covid pandemic, racist attacks,
xenophobia, and the housing crisis. There is also a rise of fascism globally and a growing danger of imperialist war.

The military invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the Putin regime’s response to the US military encirclement of Russia by NATO is now bringing the world closer to a world war.

This panel will look at what a United Front is, how to organize it, and the role of the working class in defending the working class internationally.

It will also look at the role of the US in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Russia in the midst of a declining US imperialist empire.

Fabio Bosco, Conlutas Brazil LITCI
Guillemo Kane, Workers Party, Partido Obrero of Argentina and Buenas Aires Member of Parliament of the Left Block ‘ Left Front (Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores or FIT

George Wright, UPWA Professor Emeritus Chico State University

Steve Zeltzer, UFCLP and WorkWeek

To join the panel:

United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCL

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2/17/2022 Oakland Protest against taking over of ports

The City Council of Oakland is pushing ahead to give GAP-A’s billionaire owner John Fisher hundreds of millions of dollars of city and state funds for his private stadium, hotels, and 3,000 1 million-dollar condos that will wreck the Port of Oakland and drive out working-class Black and Brown community members.

They also claim they are against the privatization of the schools in Oakland, but they ignore the fact that Fish- er and his family control KIPP and Rocketship charter schools and even the president of A’s Dave Kaval is on the board of Rocketship. Why are they helping him and his agenda?

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