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UFCLP May Day Statement 2024

There is a rise of fascism in the US and internationally. Whether Trump or Biden is elected and whether there are even elections, a fascist movement is growing and is being supported by billionaires like Musk, Larry Ellison, and Peter Theil. These capitalists want a state where the billionaires rule without even the appearance of capitalist “democracy”. The trade union bureaucracy has refused to even warn workers and union members about this danger and how to fight it. Instead they are spending hundreds of millions of union funds on Biden and the Democrats who are hated by more and more workers.

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Which class should control Artificial Intelligence: the workers or the bosses?

There needs to be a united front of all workers and unions to discuss AI and the effect on all workers and the working class as a whole. The strikes by the Writers Guild West and SAG-AFTRA need to link up with Teamsters, longshore workers, healthcare and education workers to challenge the system that is destroying millions of workers jobs or profits.  

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