8/10/23 SPEAK OUT! 
Stop The Robo Taxis/Disney Dystopia & Newsom Democratic Party Corruption At CPUC 

Thursday August 10th 9:30 AM 
San Francisco California Public Utility Commission 
505 Van Ness/McAllister 
San Francisco 

On Thursday, August 10, 2023, the California Public Utility Commission, which is hand-picked by Governor Gavin Newsom, will be voting on whether to allow the Google Waymo and GM Cruise robo-taxis to operate 24 hours a day in San Francisco.  
The city, which is ground central for capitalist AI development, has become a Disney Dystopia with these vehicles stopping in the middle of streets and blocking the emergency services. Even the Fire Chief has said that a catastrophe will be coming with these vehicles on the road. 
Newsom, like former Governor Brown, allows the crooks and billionaires to run this agency. Brown kept corrupt CPUC chair Michael Peevey even though he was taking money from PG&E and was responsible for helping them cover up their murderous crimes. 
Allowing this dangerous madness in San Francisco, where tech companies are using the people of San Francisco as guinea pigs, is another example of who these politicians like SF mayor London Breed and Democratic governor Gavin Newsom represent. 
The police could impound these vehicles for violating the vehicular code, but Newsom,  the CPUC, DMV and Democratic legislature, along with London Breed, have given these companies a pass. 
One rule for the people and drivers and another rule for the tech billionaires. 
The Democrats, from Biden and Kamala Harris to Newsom and Breed, are shills and operatives 
for introducing AI regardless of the cost to workers and the public. 
Goldman Sacks says 350 million workers will lose their jobs because of capitalist control 
of AI. 
We demand that this not be approved by the CPUC but we need a working-class political 
alternative to the corrupt Democratic Party that runs California and the Republicans who 
also support capitalist control of our economy. 
Join the speak-out at the CPUC to make your voice heard and to stop the mayhem and 
chaos these capitalists and their AI is causing. 
The introduction and control of AI should be in the hands of working people and the public 
and it should benefit them rather than the capitalist class. 

No Disney Distopia in San Francisco 
STOP Newsom’s Corrupt CPUC NOW! 
Build A Mass Democratic Labor Party  
United Front Committee For A Labor Party 
info [at] ufclp.org