SF Workers Rally For A General Strike For Palestine & Labor Party On May Day 2024
Trade unionists and workers rallied on May Day in San Francisco and supported the call for a general strike for Palestine and a labor party. ILWU Local 10 longshore workers reported on their struggle to have their injuries taken care of and compensation.
Trade unionists also talked about the need to break from the racist Israeli trade union federation the Histadrut from the AFL-CIO and the role of Zionism in the labor movement.
Members of UPTE CWA attended by UCSF and member Lisa Milos of UPTE For Palestine reported on the fight in the AFL-CIO and San Francisco Labor Council against a Zionist leadership that has blocked even discussion on Gaza and the apartheid Zionist regime.
Non-profit also talked about how non-profits are being used to privatize public services.
There was also a report from Peter a UAW 2865 at UCLA on how the Zionists and fascists including proud boys had attacked the Palestine encampment on the campus and the rise of fascism in the United States as well as repressive attacks on workers in Turkey whose May Day was attacked by the police.
ILWU longshore workers reported on the attack on injured workers and the fight to get healthcare and workers compensation in a corrupt system controlled by the insurance companies and bosses.
This rally was endorsed by the United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCLP.,
UPTE Members For Palestine, Mothers on The March, Revolutionary United Front.
Production of Labor Video Project