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The US Democrats and Republicans since the collapse of the Soviet Union have been attacking and invading one country after another from Iraq, Syria, Libya and many countries in Africa. They also invaded Afghanistan and were forced to withdraw, another major defeat for US imperialism.

The US, according to Carter’s adviser Brzezinski had trained and armed Osama Bin Laden and other fundamentalists to provoke a Russian invasion in support of a left government. They then helped arm the fundamentalists to overthrow the Russian-supported government. The same has taken place in the encirclement of Russia by the US and NATO. The US and its European allies have expanded NATO to the borders weapons to encircle Russia.

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United Fronts, The Working Class & The War In Ukraine- What Is Needed To Defend Working People Globally

The working class faces attacks on all fronts from union-busting, privatization, the covid pandemic, racist attacks,
xenophobia, and the housing crisis. There is also a rise of fascism globally and a growing danger of imperialist war.

The military invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the Putin regime’s response to the US military encirclement of Russia by NATO is now bringing the world closer to a world war.

This panel will look at what a United Front is, how to organize it, and the role of the working class in defending the working class internationally.

It will also look at the role of the US in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Russia in the midst of a declining US imperialist empire.

Fabio Bosco, Conlutas Brazil LITCI
Guillemo Kane, Workers Party, Partido Obrero of Argentina and Buenas Aires Member of Parliament of the Left Block ‘ Left Front (Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores or FIT

George Wright, UPWA Professor Emeritus Chico State University

Steve Zeltzer, UFCLP and WorkWeek

To join the panel:

United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCL

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