ALL OUT On March 18th

Labor Strikes & Action To Shut Down War In Ukraine and the US War Machine

We Need A Labor Party Against The Two Parties Of War

On March 18, 2023 there will be protests around the country to end the US engineered war in Ukraine. Over $115 billion have been spent while millions of working people and poor in the US cannot pay their rent, get healthcare and have trouble getting enough to eat.

The US IMF and World Bank have grabbed the farmlands of Ukraine for US multinationals, thus this war is really about stealing resources from the people of Ukraine.

This is also a bi-partisan policy. While the people of East Palestine are being poisoned the US capitalist Congress has allowed the criminal Norfolk Southern and the corrupt EPA to continue their cover-up and corporate crimes. Thus far over 45,000 animals have died from the toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere. People have developed rashes, nose bleeds and coughs.  Dioxin is split into the drinking water and the EPA claims there is no way to test it since there is no baseline.  This is a blatant lie. 

The AFL-CIO and it’s “Solidarity Center” which is funded by the US government through the National Endowment For Democracy with $75 million is actually part of the

privatization and war drive. They supported the privatization and 2014 coup in Ukraine. At that time fascists murdered trade unionists by setting their building on fire, 

While the AFL-CIO bureaucrats are silent about the genocide in Israel, fascistic Zionists are  running wild and at the same time they claim they are for “democracy” in Ukraine.

They also spend millions of workers’ money supporting the pro-capitalist pro-imperialist Democrats who voted with the Republicans for a contract for the railway workers with no sick days.This includes the “leftist” in the DP such as AOC.

Instead of supporting bourgeois parties, we need to work for labor actions like the Italian Si Cobas logistics workers who went on strike to oppose NATO and the US war in Ukraine.

In 2008, the ILWU had a west coast work action to oppose the Iraq war and we need similar action against the war in Ukraine and against the danger of a global war as the the US imperial empire declines and threatens war against China.

We oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine and are for the workers in Russia, Ukraine and the US to fight their real enemies who are the capitalist classes in all countries.

We need a mass democratic labor party that represents the interest of working people and not the bosses and imperialist war mongers.

Join the United Front Committee  For A Labor Party to build a working class political alternative against the two parties of war.

3/18/23 in San Francisco

12:00 Noon, 24th and Mission Street

united Front Committee for a Labor Party