STOP The Cover-up
Immediate Evacuation of The People & Workers Of East Palestine  & Full Compensation By Norfolk Southern
Nationalize The Railroads Under Workers Control To Protect Communities, Workers & The Public
Press Conference/Rally
Monday March 13, 2023 4:00 PM
US Federal Building 450 Golden Gate St
San Francisco, CA

The criminal cover-up of the Hunters Point supposed clean-up and remediation by Tetra Tech which cost over $1 billion is now directly connected to the man made catastrophe and poisoning by the Norfolk Southern railroad wreck in East Palestine, Ohio.
Despite the fact the the Department of Justice DOJ  has joined a lawsuit against Tetra Tech for falsifying records at Hunters Point shipyard and retaliation against over 10 whistleblowers, the Region 5 EPA in Ohio  has allowed Norfolk Southern railroad company to hire Tetra Tech for air testing in East Palestine. Not surprisingly all the tests came back negative and the railroad and EPA are saying that it is safe. This criminal cover-up by the railroad and Tetra Tech is being allowed by not only EPA officials including EPA administrator Michael Regan but  by Biden’s Department  of Transportation led by Pete Buttigieg. Why are they protecting these environmental criminals  who are poisoning the community and workers?
They have also allowed the Norfolk Southern police to take over the control of East Palestine. They are deciding who goes where to protect their liability and profits.
This press conference will connect the dots between the Hunters Point catastrophe and what the people and workers are going through now in East Palestine. Why has this company with a criminal record of managers going to prison for crimes being allowed to do testing in East Palestine? Also,  we will discuss the deadly record of the deregulated railroad industry and how the need now is for the nationalization of the industry to protect communities, workers and the public. Every day we face another wreck because of this deregulation and capture of OSHA, EPA and other agencies that should be protecting the public.
Speakers from Hunters Point/Bay View and rail trade unionists
No More Poisoning At Hunters Point & East Palestine
Immediate Evacuation of All Residents of East Palestine & Compensation for Their Homes, Businesses & Relocation To Safe Area Paid For By Norfolk Southern Railroad
An Injury To One Is An Injury For All
Sponsored by United Front Committee For A Labor Party