Call for a day of mobilization against the wars of capital on February 24, 2024 

Shut Down Travis AFB On 2/24/24

In a historical phase in which the contradictions of global capitalism are intensifying, from Ukraine to Palestine, from Sudan to the Congo, imperialist states increasingly resort to war and the massacre of human beings. By doing so, they want to violently ‘resolve’ conflicts of interest between their capitalist monopolies, or renew their colonial and neocolonial domination over oppressed peoples.

The workers, the proletarians called upon to slaughter one another to decide who will exploit them, must declare war on the wars of capital and organise themselves to overthrow capitalist domination of the world.

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, on the European continent, for the first time since the Second World War, two alignments of great capitalist powers are openly clashing: Russia on the one hand (with partial support from China and several emerging powers), and NATO (US and European powers) on the other, supplying the military materiel, with Ukraine providing the cannon fodder. After almost two years and more than 500,000 casualties and 10 million displaced people, 6.2 million of whom have emigrated, the slaughter continues with the risk of escalation, which, combined with global rivalries, makes World War III a real catastrophic possibility, for which all powers are preparing with a generalised arms race.

In the face of this war that is imperialist on both sides, as in the face of the outbreak of World War I, some of the currents of the anti-capitalist left have split between supporters of one or the other of the two warring camps. Which talk of ‘self-determination’ of Ukraine when the fierce dispute between two wings of the national bourgeoisie has plunged this country into the tragic path of war and, with Zelensky, of complete submission to western imperialism? Which war against ‘Nazism’

on the part of Russia, when Putin and his entourage, who want to revive the tsarist empire, are supported by Russian Nazis and in turn support far-right organisations throughout Europe?

Against both camps of clashing powers, let us raise the banner of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, to give substance to the proletarian opposition to both war fronts: “the main enemy is at home!”.

In the Middle East, Israel’s heinous colonial and annihilation war against the Palestinians of Gaza, with the massacre to date of 32,000 civilians, mostly children and women, the displacement and imminent starvation of more than two million people, the systematic destruction of homes, public buildings, hospitals, and basic infrastructure, together with the fascist attacks by settlers and the army on the Palestinians in the West Bank. It proofs the support of the western powers to the Zionist state, their outpost in the Middle East; and the complicity of the other big powers and regional powers, unwilling to sacrifice their own affairs to the Palestinian cause. The only allies of the Palestinian people are the proletarians of the Middle East and the workers and youth around the world who are taking to the streets in support of the Palestinian people, in support of their extraordinary resistance, their century-long struggle for self-determination by putting an end to the Zionist and Western machine of oppression in Palestine. Today, more than ever, Palestine is the home of the oppressed of the world! We support the Palestinian resistance, despite our criticism of the political and ideological alternatives of the Islamist forces.

All states, all governments, are expressions of profiteering bourgeoisies linked to the major imperialist powers, to the capitalist monopolies, to the international financial system, and are part and parcel of the social system that produces war; none of them can be allies in the war on war.

The decline of the American superpower in the face of the emergence of new medium and great powers, the transition from a US-dominated world (dis)order to a ‘multipolar world’ cannot bring about equilibrium and peace, but – as we are already seeing – growing imbalances, tensions and new wars. Wars which, in their essence, are wars for the sharing out of the fruits of the exploitation of the vast majority of society by a small minority.

Our camp is not the camp of the bourgeois states, it is the camp of the exploited and oppressed classes, of the workers, of the international proletariat, the only class that has an interest, and has the strength – if it organises itself – to put an end to the wars that its exploiters wage at its expense. After the low point of the revolutionary movement has been passed, it is necessary for the organisations that stand on the ground of revolutionary defeatism against the wars of capital, on the ground of coherent proletarian internationalism, to come together in common initiatives. The time is now, before it is too late!

The past matters, but we will be judged from our ability to meet the challenges of our historical period head-on.

On Saturday 24 February 2024, the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine, let us join forces in an international day of protest and struggle against the wars of capital!

– against both warring parties in Ukraine, for revolutionary defeatism – “the enemy is at home!”

– on the side of the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people against the national, racial, religious oppression and discrimination of the imperialist-zionist state Israel

– for a society without exploitation and war, of harmony between man and nature.

Proletarians of all countries, let’s unite!

This call is supported by:

Si Cobas, Doro-Chiba, Partido Obrero,  International Anti-Imperialist United Front,  MLPD, United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCLP