Join us for a panel discussion on
The Fight Against Union Busting, Privatization, and Contract Labor in Southern Africa and May Day 2023

April 29th, 2023

There is a growing union-busting drive in Southern Africa. In Namibia, miners at the Rossing mine worker leaders have been fired from their union jobs for over three years by the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation CNNC, and there has been a union-busting drive at other mines and industries in the country.
In South Africa, the GIWUSA Clover dairy workers went on strike against an Israeli multinational owned by the Werthiem billionaire that the family took over and imposed massive cuts. The ANC government approved the takeover despite protests from the unions.
The privatization of ESCOM, SAA, Transnet, and many other industries and companies is an open attack on all union and labor rights and bringing back contract labor in all of Southern Africa.
This panel will have speakers from Namibia and South Africa and look at the class struggles in Southern Africa and how we can take action now to support their life and death struggles and fight for May Day 2023.
Initial Speakers:
J.V DubeRETUSA General Secretary South Africa
George Martin, Mineworkers Union Of Namibia Fired Branch Secretary
Hewat Beukes, Namibian Labor Lawyer
David Hemson, Organizer of Durban Dockworkers
Sponsored by United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCLP
On April 29, 2023
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