Stop Privatization, Union Busting And Outsourcing In SF & California

Working People Need a Democratic Trade Union Movement & A Labor Party That Fights For Justice and Human Rights

The City and County of San Francisco is spending hundreds of millions of dollars outsourcing public jobs to consultants, companies and privately run profits. At the same time, the Mayor and Department of Human Resources DHR has instituted a hiring freeze of permanent employees even before the pandemic.

Workers who have medical exemptions are also being terminated by the City, while the City refuses to have regular testing of all workers in Muni, DPH, and other departments. 

We demand an end of these retaliatory firings and for the unions to demand that they be halted by workers’ action.

The pandemic has also been used to replace public workers with lower paid workers and temporary workers with less pay and benefits. Private outfits like statewide Healthright 360 which is siphoning off thousands of patients is destroying public jobs. If you do public work, you should be a public worker. This should not be supported by our unions. This is union busting and an unfair labor practice. Our unions need to file unfair labor practice complaints and take direct action to stop these attacks.

The City has also failed to protect workers who have died from Covid like DPH worker Ludwig Leota who had an underlying health condition and was sent back to work by managers leading to his death. Unfortunately, the SEIU 1021 leadership has not defended their members in the middle of the pandemic and that is a reason that members like Ludwig Leota have died.

There needs to be a united political education campaign against privatization of public services, public education and against outsourcing jobs to get rid of unions. We need to stop the shutdown of public schools in SF while we have more than 80 billionaires in San Francisco and 189 in California. They must pay for public education. They want to sell the schools and public locations like Balboa Reservoir to the developers for more million-dollar condos. Instead, we need working class housing for our members and all working people. This is also an ethnic gentrification kicking out Blacks, Browns, and Indigenous people from San Francisco.

WE need a city charter amendment and state constitutional clause that prohibits the privatization and outsourcing of public jobs by the City and State of California. 

The billionaires run the City/County and State, and they control the politicians who are allowing this outsourcing and privatization. These billionaires like John Fisher, the owner of GAP and the A’s is also trying to privatize the Howard Terminal for a stadium and development project with 3,000 million dollar condos. This is supported by Newsom & the Democrats in the legislature including those in SF. They are also supporting Amazon building more non-union warehouses.

We need united action, and for all workers to go out together linking our struggles. It is time to unite with all working people and the oppressed to run labor community slates for all positions and build a democratic labor party in San Francisco, California, and the US.

The Time Is NOW For Working People To Fight Back and Win Power.
An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!

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