SF May Day 1 Action-For A United Front May Day Rally In 2022

SF May Day 1  Action-For A United Front May Day Rally In 2022
Sunday May 1, 2022 
Harry Bridges Plaza At 9:30 AM 
Harry Bridges Plaza Is Between The Ferry Building & Market St. In San Francisco

For A United Front May Day In 2022
Music, Poetry, Workers Voices & International Solidarity

Rally in San Francisco on May 1, 2022, at ILWU Harry Bridges Plaza At 10:00 AM
Harry Bridges Plaza is between the Ferry Building and Market St 

Victory To The Amazon Workers Union & All Workers Here and Around The World

Stop Privatization, Outsourcing of Public Education & Public Services NOW!

United Front Against Privatization of the Port Of Oakland by A’s GAP Owner John Fisher, City College of San Francisco, SFUSD, OUSD, WCCSD, and all public school districts. Stop Charters & Union Busting

Fight Racism, Fascism, Sexism, Immigrant Bashing, Xenophobia. Homophobia & Islamophobia

Stop Corporate Media Censorship By Google, Facebook/Meta, Youtube & For Democratic Workers Control of Our Media

Democratic Militant Unions That Are Run By The Rank & File

Oppose US Imperialism, Abolish NATO & All Military Alliances & Russia Out Of The Ukraine
Not one more penny for war!

Free All Working Class Prisoners Here & Around The World
Free Julian Assange, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier 

Build An Independent Democratic Labor Party NOW!

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!

Initiated By
United Front Committee For A Labor Party 
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May Day 2022

Workers of The World Unite!

Stop Privatization/Union Busting & The War at Home & Abroad

General Strike & Labor Party Now

Sunday, May 1, 2022



Workers around the world will be uniting for May 1st. Working people are starting to stand up and organize for power.  The victory of the Amazon workers is a sign that rank-and-file workers even without large international unions can organize despite the reactionary labor laws and billionaire Bezos’s effort to terrorize workers. Workers have faced a relentless war by the capitalists with covid, union-busting, racism, and privatization of education, public services, and all our public spaces. The destruction of public education with charters, and the privatization using non-profits requires that we launch a national political education campaign that unites all unions and the oppressed.

We need to build united working fronts against privatization, fascism, and the wars abroad. Workers have the power to win when we unite the class struggle of all workers and move toward general strike action.

The fight for democracy in our unions is critical. The UMWA miners at Warrior Met coal are still on strike after a year and we need a national working-class movement to win these battles. We cannot rely on promises from the Democrats and union officials that the Pro-Act will solve our problems.

The reliance on the Democratic party is a dead end.

Trump and the right-wing fascists are growing, and they will likely take power by relying on the Democrats.

The Vermont AFL-CIO has supported a general strike against any attempted coup and insurrection, and we support that.

The growing danger of world war is happening because that is the way imperialism solves its economic problems. While the US Democrats and Republicans have unlimited billions for more wars, they don’t have money for national healthcare and are privatizing Medicare.

We are opposed to the US war drive to surround Russia and China.  We oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the US-NATO war drive which is escalating toward world war. The billionaires who run both parties need war for more profiteering.

The arms industry made a fortune in Afghanistan and in Iraq and is profiting from the war in Ukraine. The botched job of both the Trump and Biden administration over covid allowed a million Americans, largely Black and Latin to die from the disease. We need workers’ control of healthcare, the energy, and the utility industry that continues to pollute and destroy the planet.

While Yemen and the Palestinian people are being bombed as the Iraqi and Libyans were, the US is silent since Saudi Arabia is a major source of oil for the US industry. While they are keeping Haitian and Central Americans out of the US, they have opened the gates for the Ukrainians. The US’ immigration policy is racist to the core.

We demand freedom for Assange and an end to repression against other  journalists, and freedom of all working-class prisoners here and around the world.

On May 1st, we fight for democratic unions that must fight against capitalism; that is we oppose labor-management partnerships and oppose the US labor leadership’s support for US imperialist wars and the taking of $75 million from the US government’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which organizes coups and rightwing unions abroad.

We need a democratic labor party that fights the attacks on working people by the Democrats and Republicans and puts the working people in charge of our country and the world. The main enemy is at home!


An Injury To One Is An Injury To All! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

United Front Committee For A Labor Party (www.ufclp.org, info@ufclp.org) Labor Donated