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Victory To The Parker Elementary School Occupation!

Victory To The Parker Elementary School Occupation!
For A State-Wide Education Strike

To Demand NO Closures & Full Funding of Our Public Schools May 28, 2022, UFCLP Statement

On Defense of the Conference at John Jay Over the Question of Palestine

In a statement made in collaboration between Student Council and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), we formally condemn the cancellation of the Palestinian Lives Conference, scheduled to take place on May 14th, 2022, in commemoration of Nakba Day. The event that included two Palestinian liberation organizations, Within Our Lifetime and Existence is Resistance, began the planning months in advance to educate students and others about the ethnic cleansing behind the establishment of Israeli settler-colonial rule in 1948.

No More Labor Imperialism – STOP $75 Million From US NED To AFL-CIO “Solidarity Center” UFCLP Statement

herefore, the AFL-CIO should acknowledge the past anti-labor practices and apologize to trade unionists, worker organizations and their families who have been violently attacked and murdered in attempted coups and other operations and,

Therefore, the AFL-CIO should drop ALL contact with the National Endowment for Democracy and reject the $75 million a year it offers in blood money and,

Therefore, the AFL-CIO should open all its archives of its international operations and,

Therefore, there should be an independent labor investigation of these attacks and deaths and the AFL-CIO should compensate the workers and their families who have faced these attacks on workers rights and,

Therefore, the AFL-CIO shall withdraw the George Meany award from South African Chief Buthelezi for the attacks and murders of hundreds of trade unionists and their families and,

Therefore, the AFL-CIO will make a public report to the membership of the AFL-CIO on their website for all members and workers to be aware of this record and,

Therefore, the AFL-CIO will now rely on self-funding and mass financial campaigns of solidarity work with trade unionists and labor around the world.

On 2022 May Day: Fight For Labor Party & Against War Abroad & War At Home Pushed by Republicrats

On 2022 May Day in San Francisco, a rally was held for a mass democratic labor party and for workers’ action against the wars abroad and the war on US workers. Workers talked about the attacks on San Francisco SEIU 1021 city workers, home care workers, and also the struggle of workers from Turkey, Puerto Rico and Iran were raised.


We have an opportunity now to fight for a just society, one that doesn’t discriminate against Blacks and LatinX, and LGBT+ people. One that is equitable for all but that society, namely socialism, can only be achieved with workers taking power. This will be the end of the profit system, but the trade union bureaucrats are standing in our way.

The Jamaal Bowman Controversy in the DSA

We need united fronts against privatization and fascism, for working-class housing, and for mass worker/community actions and strikes to win unionization at Amazon, Fed-Ex, and elsewhere. This was how millions were organized during the 1930s – not by appeals to the NLRB or by limiting ourselves to Democratic-Party legislation like the Pro Act.

SF May Day 1 Action-For A United Front May Day Rally In 2022

Sunday, May 1, 2022
Harry Bridges Plaza At 9:30 AM
Harry Bridges Plaza Is Between The Ferry Building & Market St. In San Francisco

The Fight Against Fascism and Lessons For Today

The United Front Committee For A Labor Party held a panel 
on January, 30, 2022 tilted United Front, The Fight Against 
Fascism and Lessons For Today. Speakers included: Carol Lang, Professor CUNY, member of AFT-PSC Peter Racioppo UAW 2865 member UCLA Steve Zeltzer WorkWeek & CWA 3921 member For more information:


Time for Union Democracy, Education, and Power-
Vote To Defend Working People In San Francisco
March 2022

Ukraine, The War & The Labor Movement

The issue of the war in Ukraine is an issue for all working people in the United States.
This panel will look at this war, how and why it took place and what working people and
unions should do about it.

This forum is sponsored by the United Front Committee For A Labor Party