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The capitalist economic policies of the APEC are destroying the people the people and the environment of Mexico, the Philippines, Peru, Chile, South Korea, Australia, and China. When APEC last met in China, the US was pushing China to have more private-public partnerships and outsource more jobs. This is a major goal of APEC.

Stop The Robo Taxis/Disney Dystopia & Newsom Democratic Party Corruption At CPUC 

8/10/23 SPEAK OUT! Stop The Robo Taxis/Disney Dystopia & Newsom Democratic Party Corruption At CPUC Thursday August 10th 9:30 AM San Francisco California Public Utility Commission 505 Van Ness/McAllister San Francisco On Thursday, August 10, 2023, the California...

Which class should control Artificial Intelligence: the workers or the bosses?

There needs to be a united front of all workers and unions to discuss AI and the effect on all workers and the working class as a whole. The strikes by the Writers Guild West and SAG-AFTRA need to link up with Teamsters, longshore workers, healthcare and education workers to challenge the system that is destroying millions of workers jobs or profits.  

On Julian’s Birthday Free Julian Assange & Mumia Abu-Jamal

Join the rally for free Julian Assange.
Meet at Harry Bridges Plaza, North side tower
The Embarcadero & Market Street, San Francisco.

Rally On Julian’s Birthday To Free Julian Assange & CWA NABET IFJ Journalist Mumia Abu-jamal

Journalist and publisher Julian Assange has been imprisoned in the UK for charges of espionage in the US for publishing WikiLeaks and faces extradition to the US, and this is a threat to all journalists. The San Francisco Labor Council has supported him as well as journalists around the world. Even the New York Times, The Guardian and Washington Post are calling for his freedom since they could also be prosecuted.
The International Federation of Journalists is supporting Assange and also calling for the freedom of journalist Mumia Abu-jamal who was a reporter at Philadelphia public radio and NPR where he provided commentaries. He has also won a Peabody award for his work.
Journalists and defenders of the rights of all journalists here and around the world will be speaking out.

Sponsored by National Writers Union, WorkWeek, Bay Action To Free Julian Assange

The Fight Against Union Busting, Privatization and Contract Labor In Southern Africa & May Day 2023

The privatization of ESCOM, SAA, Transnet, and many other industries and companies is an open attack on all union and labor rights and bringing back contract labor in all of Southern Africa.
This panel will have speakers from Namibia and South Africa and look at the class struggles in Southern Africa and how we can take action now to support their life and death struggles and fight for May Day 2023.

For Global Action To Stop US Nuke Sub Base in Australian Port Kembla and AUKUS US/UK/Australia Military Alliance

May 6 (Saturday), 2023 – 12:00 noon
San Francisco Australia Consulate :
575 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

For a General Strike and a Labor Party!

On May Day, 2023
It is time to unite to break the chains against imperialist wars, privatization, racism/xenophobia/fascism & for housing, healthcare & the defense of the planet.

World Press Freedom Day: May 3rd. Free Mumia and Assange

The UK’s National Union of Journalists has stated that the “US charges against Assange pose a huge threat, one that could criminalize the critical work of investigative journalists & their ability to protect their sources.” We will have reports on the fight against censorship here and around the world and the struggles of journalists globally for their rights and freedoms. There will also be actions in the US and around the world.
Free Mumia and Julian Now! Defend The Freedom of The Press NOW!

What Strategy Should We Employ To Obtain a Decent Contract? Why The PSC Leadership’s Plan Is No Plan At All 

Once again, we are walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to demonstrate our upset that CUNY4 a New Deal is hanging in the balance.  Instead, the Chancellor is promising more cutbacks.  14 adjuncts at John Jay, many of whom have a 3-year contract, will not be reappointed next semester because the Humanities Department has been eliminated.