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What Strategy Should We Employ To Obtain a Decent Contract? Why The PSC Leadership’s Plan Is No Plan At All 

Once again, we are walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to demonstrate our upset that CUNY4 a New Deal is hanging in the balance.  Instead, the Chancellor is promising more cutbacks.  14 adjuncts at John Jay, many of whom have a 3-year contract, will not be reappointed next semester because the Humanities Department has been eliminated. 

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On Defense of the Conference at John Jay Over the Question of Palestine

In a statement made in collaboration between Student Council and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), we formally condemn the cancellation of the Palestinian Lives Conference, scheduled to take place on May 14th, 2022, in commemoration of Nakba Day. The event that included two Palestinian liberation organizations, Within Our Lifetime and Existence is Resistance, began the planning months in advance to educate students and others about the ethnic cleansing behind the establishment of Israeli settler-colonial rule in 1948.

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