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UFCLP May Day Statement 2024

There is a rise of fascism in the US and internationally. Whether Trump or Biden is elected and whether there are even elections, a fascist movement is growing and is being supported by billionaires like Musk, Larry Ellison, and Peter Theil. These capitalists want a state where the billionaires rule without even the appearance of capitalist “democracy”. The trade union bureaucracy has refused to even warn workers and union members about this danger and how to fight it. Instead they are spending hundreds of millions of union funds on Biden and the Democrats who are hated by more and more workers.

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The decline of the American superpower in the face of the emergence of new medium and great powers, the transition from a US-dominated world (dis)order to a ‘multipolar world’ cannot bring about equilibrium and peace, but – as we are already seeing – growing imbalances, tensions and new wars. Wars which, in their essence, are wars for the sharing out of the fruits of the exploitation of the vast majority of society by a small minority.

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The capitalist economic policies of the APEC are destroying the people the people and the environment of Mexico, the Philippines, Peru, Chile, South Korea, Australia, and China. When APEC last met in China, the US was pushing China to have more private-public partnerships and outsource more jobs. This is a major goal of APEC.

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World Press Freedom Day: May 3rd. Free Mumia and Assange

The UK’s National Union of Journalists has stated that the “US charges against Assange pose a huge threat, one that could criminalize the critical work of investigative journalists & their ability to protect their sources.” We will have reports on the fight against censorship here and around the world and the struggles of journalists globally for their rights and freedoms. There will also be actions in the US and around the world.
Free Mumia and Julian Now! Defend The Freedom of The Press NOW!

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The PSC’s Contract Is Up. Where are our leaders?

CUNY has suffered severe cutbacks, and thus we have lost thousands of students, giving CUNY the opportunity to cut even more. The answer to this lack of funding to make the students pay. Up until 1976 CUNY was completely free, but it was also largely white.  Now that the student body is made up of Black and Brown students, CUNY is trying to squeeze every cent it can out of the most impoverished sections of the working class.  In the meantime, the buildings are not safe, they are literally falling apart.

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No War In Ukraine-The Main Enemy Is At Home

The crisis of capitalism and war are leading directly to the rise of fascism and it will not be defeated by the Democrats or bureaucrats who support capitalism and imperialism. Working people need a mass democratic labor party that will oppose imperialist wars and the attacks on workers abroad and at home. The ILWU in the US led the way against the Iraq war in 2008 with a west coast strike. We need similar working-class strike actions in the US as the Italian Si-Cobas, a logistics union that has called for general strike action on December 2. We support global actions to join them as well

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We have an opportunity now to fight for a just society, one that doesn’t discriminate against Blacks and LatinX, and LGBT+ people. One that is equitable for all but that society, namely socialism, can only be achieved with workers taking power. This will be the end of the profit system, but the trade union bureaucrats are standing in our way.

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